Setting up a secure VPN

Setting up a secure VPN

Setting up a secure VPN is an easy and essential part of today’s workplace. Fortunately, Apple makes it easy to have a safe and secure VPN setup. If you have not setup your VPN you can follow along with this sample video which will go over how to create and make your VPN Secure.


If you already have your VPN set up you can make sure your data is secure by following these few simple steps.

1.     Click your WIFI symbol, and click Network Preferences.

2.     Next select your VPN from the left and Click Advanced…

3.     Then make sure the Checkbox is Checked next to “Send all traffic over VPN connection”


By following these few steps and making sure that all traffic is going over the VPN you can rest assured that you are secure wherever you may connect.


*Note* The VPN may cause slight slowdown in network speed depending on the network you are connected to and how it is set up.